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Current Consumer Protection Cases

Beazer Homes

Our firm, along with Co-Counsel, represents individuals in North Carolina who purchased homes from Beazer U.S.A. using the corporation’s allegedly fraudulent and deceptive home-buying schemes.  The action alleges that Beazer improperly induced individuals to purchase its homes by offering them unlawful Down Payment Assistance, which allowed Beazer to directly “gift” the federally mandated 3% down-payment cost to low-income borrowers who could otherwise not afford to buy homes. Unbeknownst to the homebuyers, plaintiffs allege that Beazer was providing no gift at all, and was, in reality, unlawfully increasing the overall price of its homes to offset the cost of the down payment assistance, thereby leaving its purchasers with overpriced homes that are susceptible to foreclosure. 

Insurance Premium Tax Litigation

Mason LLP serves as Co-Counsel representing individuals in the Commonwealth of Kentucky who purchased insurance policies from any one of numerous insurance companies and were allegedly charged unlawful and inapplicable local government premium taxes or collection fees.

Oil & Gas Leases

Mason LLP represents landowners against various oil and gas producers for their improper deduction of certain expenses from royalty payments due to the owners of the oil and gas that the owners of the oil and gas allege should be borne by the oil and gas producers.

Mercedes-Benz Tele-Aid System

Mason LLP is involved in a lawsuit on behalf of owners and lessees of Mercedes-Benz cars and SUVs equipped with the Tele-Aid system who allege that Mercedes-Benz violated consumer fraud statutes by promoting and selling the Tele-Aid system without disclosing that the system as installed would stop working in 2008 when cellular telephone companies switched from analog to digital technology.


Mason LLP has filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the manufacturers of certain lawn mowers have knowingly misrepresented, and significantly overstated, the horsepower of the products sold nationwide for the past fifteen years.

Settled Cases

GlobalStar Satellite Services

In 2007, Mason LLP filed a lawsuit against Globalstar, Inc. for failing to disclose material facts regarding the declining quality of its satellite telephone service.  The case was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.  The Plaintiffs allege that Globalstar knew, as early as 2001, that it was experiencing failures in its satellite constellation and its satellite service was rapidly deteriorating and was no longer useful for its intended purpose, yet failed to disclose this information to its potential and existing customers. After years of vigorous litigation, the parties recently reached a settlement which provides monetary relief to the class, attorneys’ fees, and notice of the settlement to the class. 

Bausch & Lomb ReNu MoistureLoc Contact Lens Solution

Mason LLP recovered monetary settlements on behalf of individual consumers who suffered serious injuries to their eyes following the use of Bausch & Lomb's ReNu with MoistureLoc contact lens solution.
Fleet Bank Interest Rates

Mason LLP represented plaintiffs with claims against Fleet Bank (R.I.), N.A. for changing the interest rate on their credit cards which had been advertised as "fixed." The Court granted final approval of a $4 million settlement in November 2004.

Comcast Cable Late Fees

Mason LLP represented consumers in an action against Comcast for improperly charged late fees. Under the terms of the Settlement, which was approved by the Court in April 2004, the Comcast and Maryland Defendants will make a cash payment of $13.589 million. Class members may be entitled to refund of up to $5 or $6 for each late fee paid. Certain unclaimed portions of the settlement fund will be distributed pro rata to all current subscribers of the Comcast Defendants by direct credit to their accounts and to the Georgetown University Law Center Environmental Law Clinic, University of Baltimore Clinical Programs and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

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